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Economic Education and Sustainable ConsumptionDr. Samira Iran

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Dr. Samira Iran


Dr. Samira Iran

Technische Universität Berlin
Institute of Vocational Education and Work Studies
Marchstraße 23
10587 Berlin

Room: MAR 1.017a

Phone: ++49-30-314-73981 

Email: samira.iran@tu-berlin.de

Consulting times: By arrangement (please write me an Email)


Short CV

Samira Iran obtained her bachelor in the field of Bio-Medical Engineering. She studied Master of Business Administration (MBA) focusing on international marketing and consumer behavior at Sharif University of Technology in Iran (2011). In her master thesis, she surveyed sustainable buying behavior of Iranian consumers.

In her PhD thesis she worked on the topic of sharing economy in clothing industry. With a mixed-method approach, the research focus was on how consumers from different cultural contexts accept or reject the idea of re-using garments.

Between February 2016 and June 2018, she worked in a living lab project called "Dietenheim zieht an" at Ulm University. Since September 2019 she is a post-doctoral researcher at Technische Universität Berlin, working in “BNTextillabor” project. Please have a look at the link below for more Information about her current research project: BNTextillabor


Research areas

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Sustainable Consumption
  • Sharing Economy
  • Collaborative Consumption
  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Living-Labs


Bachelor and master supervision

 Students, who would like to write their bachelor or master theses on any of the above mentioned topics, are welcomed to contact Samira Iran. Theses could be written in German or English. 



Iran, Samira; Geiger, Sonja Maria; Schrader, Ulf (2018): Collaborative fashion consumption–  a cross-cultural study between Tehran and Berlin. In: Journal of Cleaner Production.

Iran, Samira; Geiger, Sonja Maria (2018): To wear or to own? Influences of values on the attitudes toward and the engagement in collaborative fashion consumption. In: Heuer, M. and Becker-Leifhold, C. (Eds.), Eco Friendly and Fair: Fast Fashion and Consumer Behavior, Routledge, 153–162.

Becker-Leifhold, Carolin; Iran, Samira (2018): Collaborative fashion consumption– drivers, barriers and future pathways. In: Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal, 22 (2), 189–208.

Iran, Samira (2018): Sustainable fashion: from production to alternative consumption. In: Jastram, S. and Schneider, M. (Eds.), Sustainable Fashion - Governance and New Management Approaches, Springer, 139-159.

Geiger, Sonja Maria; Iran, Samira; Müller, Martin (2017): Nachhaltiger Kleiderkonsum in Dietenheim–  Ergebnisse einer repräsentativen Umfrage zum Kleiderkonsum. Online available at dietenheim-zieht-an.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Brosch%C3%BCre_A4_online_LR.pdf.

Iran, Samira; Schrader, Ulf (2017): Collaborative fashion consumption and its environmental effects. In: Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal, 21 (4), 468–482.

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Iran, Samira; Hirscher, Anja Lisa (2020): Bildung für nachhaltigen Modekonsum durch Realexperimente, Presentation at HackYourFashion Online-Hackathon, June 30th, Berlin, Germany.

Iran, Samira; Hirscher, Anja Lisa; Schrader, Ulf; Müller, Martin (2020): Education for sustainable fashion consumption with positive spillover effects through real-life experiments, Presentation at SCORAI Conference on Sustainable Consumption and Social Justice in an Urbanizing World, June 12th, Boston, USA.

Iran, Samira; Hirscher, Anja Lisa (2020): Consumer‘s responsibility and education for sustainable consumption with a real-world laboratory approach, Presentation at International Conference on Polycontextural Spatial Arrangements, February 27th, Berlin, Germany.

Iran, Samira (2019): Could sharing economy in Iran be sustainable? A study of sharing economy in Iran and it’s possible rebound effects, Presentation at GRF Conference on Transforming Production and Consumption: Bridging Sustainability Research with Policy and Practice, June 27th, Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Iran, Samira (2018): Sustainable fashion consumption, Presentation at Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney, January 12th, Sydney, Australia.

Iran, Samira (2017): Collaborative fashion consumption, Presentation at Strich und Faden Modestammtisch, September 19th, Berlin, Germany.

Iran, Samira (2017): The influence of national culture on collaborative fashion consumption–  comparative study between Tehran and Berlin. Presentation at GRF Conference on Sustainable Lifestyles, Livelihoods and the Circular Economy, June 27th, Brighton, UK.

Iran, Samira; Hirscher Anja Lisa (2016): Sewing café– participatory design platform for connected consumption?. Presentation at Global Fashion Conference, October 21st, Stockholm, Sweden.

Iran, Samira; Becker-Leifhold, Carolin (2016): Share what you wear– innovative path to stylish but conscious consumption?. Presentation at Global Fashion Conference, October 20th, Stockholm, Sweden.

Iran, Samira (2016): Transformation of the textile industry towards sustainability at the location Dietenheim, Presentation at „8 Jahresmitgliederversammlung von Netzwerk mode Textil e. V“, May 4th , Vienna, Austria.

Iran, Samira (2015): The influence of national culture on collaborative fashion consumption, Presentation at IBBA Institutstag, November 4th, Berlin, Germany.

Iran, Samira (2015): Collaborative fashion consumption –a comparative study between Iran and Germany, Presentation at First International Workshop on the Sharing Economy, June 5th, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Iran, Samira (2015): Collaborative fashion consumption– An attractive element of sustainable consumption?. Presentation at CR Berlin Study Group: 3rd Paper Development Workshop, February 27th, Berlin, Germany.

Iran, Samira (2014): Collaborative fashion consumption as an element of sustainable fashion consumption. PhD course: Consumption, capitalism and everyday life: understanding the social dimensions of the growth imperative, December 8th- 10th, Oslo, Norway.

Iran, Samira (2013): Traditional and sustainable: Iranian espadrilles (Geeveh). Shoe goes sustainable, October 4th, Berlin, Germany.

Iran, Samira (2013): Sustainable fashion consumption across cultural borders (a study of less- and more developed countries). Presentation at 16th Conference of the European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production (ERSCP) & 7th Conference of the Environmental Management for Sustainable Universities (EMSU), June 6th, Istanbul, Turkey.

Iran, Samira (2012): Applying collaborative consumption concept as an innovative tool in sustainable fashion (a theoretical discussion focusing on cultural factors). Presentation at the 6th International Conference on Indicators and Concepts of Innovation “Sustainability of Innovation, Innovation of Sustainability”, November 23th, Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Miremadi, Alireza; Iran, Samira; Shadafza, Marjan; Moshiri, Fereshte (2011): A new scenario of fashion marketing in Islamic world: a case study of Iranian women. Presentation at the 14th International Business Research Conference, April 29th, Dubai, UAE.

Kavousi, Esmail; Heidarizade, Elahe; Iran, Samira (2010): Iran’s government and social capital considering the 20-year perspective. Presentation at the International Journal of Arts and Science conference for academic disciplines, June 8th, Aix-en-Provence, France.





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