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TOPACE International Awarded Persons 2006


At the occasion of the "TOPACE International Award Ceremony" June 24, 2006, Kinjo Gakuin University, Nagoya/Japan


Akemi Ohara PhD

In the past decade 1996 to 2006 Akemi Ohara PhD has gained distinctive reputation in the international community of consumer educators.
As academic researcher, author and lecturer she has explored the theoretical and practical references of consumer education and successfully promoted an intercultural exchange of ideas and experiences between Japan and Europe.
In her Master's Thesis (1997; Prof. Mitsuaki Imai) she compared the differences in consumers' consciousness and behaviour of a sample of university students in Japan and Germany. In her Doctoral Thesis  (2005; Prof. Chikako Nakamori) she analyzed the philosophy and theoretical background of the Scandinavian model of Consumer Education in relation to the educational system in Japan.
In pursuing her ambitious work Akemi Ohara PhD has also taken initiative to establish a consultative dialogue between representatives of consumer organisations and universities in Japan and Europe.

Honourable Mentions:

The Japan Academy of Consumer Education - represented by the Prof. Noriyuki Ogi, Chair of JACE

The Kinjo Gakuin University in Nagoya/Japan - represented by Prof. Dr. Masahararu (Chair) and Prof. Chikako Nakamori (Dean)



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